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Our mission is to promote this very old, versatile breed, which was one of the first to be recognized by the AKC. The breed is extremely intelligent, has no body odor, rather healthy, and love to be pampered. Coccolare (to cuddle in Italian) Italian Greyhounds are not only pampered, but also do agility, conformation, canine freestyle, obedience, and hunting. Since our home is situated on 2.5 acres on the top of Jack Rabbit Ridge in West Richland, Washington, these miniature sight hounds get to hunt frequently.

However, IG's are not a breed for everyone. They can be difficult to house train, as are most small breeds. This breed does not like extreme weather, so if it is cold, raining, snowing, or windy, an alternative potty choice should be available or they will come up with their own, such as your new rug or carpet. Some folks have had great luck with litter boxes or potty pads as an alternative.